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Biofeedback Therapy Hawaii is a small company dedicated to help clients move forward in life. 

We help clients in Oahu and all around the world  via videochats. 

Se habla Español!

About us...

Our Peak Performance Program

Our Peak Performance Program is designed to help you self-regulate and focus to reach your goals!

We do not treat chronic illnesses/cases. Our clients are typically professionals, military veterans, family-businesses, and students.

Some of the tools we use are Biofeedback, Neurofeedback, Brain Maps, Positive Psychology, Mindfulness, Time-Perspective Therapy, and Coaching. 

Most of the symptoms/ situations that we address here are related to stress, ADHD, anxiety, loss of motivation, loss of job, pain, wanting a new path in life, etc. 

If you want to practice self/brain/mind regulation, visit us!

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Can’t Focus?

You are so busy. There is so much to do... Ever wonder if  it is ADHD or just too much caffeine? At any rate, we can’t achieve what we want unless we actually stop and just breathe... 

We will help you become more mindful and focused via self-regulation and brainwaves’ biofeedback training.


Need Motivation?

Many times it is hard to just get out of bed. Who doesn’t have a bad day? So many things to do can be overwhelming. 

We can help you take a good look at where they are in life and how to best achieve their goals.

Happiness, relax, life and work

Trying to Balance Work and Family Life?

You can’t do your best if always worrying about things back at home or at work, right? 

Dr. Stetz has published a lot on stress, coping, and work-family balance. We can help you breathe and relax better.

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