About Dr. Melba Stetz Psychologist/ Coach


IN OAHU, HAWAII- Dr. Melba Stetz, Ph.D., BCN, BCB., Peak Performance Psychologist, Neurofeedback Therapist, & Life Coach

Dr. Melba Stetz is a Peak Performance Psychologist. She is also an Army retired Lieutenant Colonel (30 years), a combat veteran, and a cancer survivor. 

Her post-doctoral training includes military and research psychology, board-certifications in both Biofeedback and Neurofeedback, Life Coaching, and Reiki Master. She teaches Psychophysiology and others  at HPU.

Dr. Melba knows what emotional and physical pain can do to you. Her therapeutic approach is very practical, and positive.

If you are ready to move forward in life, she will do as needed to help you! 

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"Chica"- Emotional Assistant

Chica helps Dr. Stetz' office in Oahu. She is a K-9 with high empathy who helps everyone relax. She practices mindfulness and self-regulation herself!

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IN MAUI, HAWAII Michelle Russo, B.S., R.EEG.T, Peak Performance Technician, Neurofeedback Technician, & Life Coach

Michelle is a Peak Performance Coach. She is also an Air Force veteran. Some of her post-bachelor training includes an Electroneurodiagnostics Technologist Certification (20 years). This certification  involves ElectroEncephalo-graphy, Evoked Potentials, and Polysomnography. She is a Life Coach and soon-to-be a board-certified Neuro-feedback Technician.  

As a single mother, Michelle knows what stress can do to you and your health.  Her therapeutic approach is very practical and positive. 

If you are ready to move forward in life, she will do as needed to help you!  

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