Peak Performance Biofeedback Program

Assessments & Brain Maps


What brings you here?

 We have designed a Peak Performance Program that consists of intake interviews, training, and follow-up. Dr. Stetz has published extensively on stress and healthy ways to cope. Both of us will help you identify your main mind-setting and behavioral practices. This information is crucial to incorporate your goal/s into their Peak Performance Program. We only work with clients that, really, want to move forward in life. 

Neurofeedback & Biofeedback Training


What do you want to do about it? 

After gathering your information, we will see which are the main brainwaves on your frontal lobe (executive functioning area). For example, if you have slow waves there, you might have ADHD symptoms (affecting your focus). Or, if you have fast waves (e.g., High-Beta) you are probably anxious!  You will then learn how to train your brainwawes via Neurofeedback and your physiological reactivity (e.g., breathing) via Biofeedback. This specialized training will help you better manage your stress and plan better for success! Some of the other techniques from our tool box are meditation, self-analysis, and visualization.

Counseling & Coaching


Are you ready to move on? 

We will not just rely on the sessions but will give you mind and body coaching involving tasks to do at work and at home. At the beginning of every session, you both will discuss these tasks (e.g., go to sleep early, breathe during lunch time, etc.).  You will probably see them 1- hour per week... for as long as you want!

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Type of Sessions


IN PERSON- Oahu/ Maui

Dr. Melba Stetz is a dynamic motivational psychologist and coach! She will see you in her Oahu office.

Michelle is also a great brain trainer and coach! She will see you in Maui. 

They will work with you on any aspect of your life needed to help you move forward! Don't wait!


REMOTELY- Videochat

Can't make it to our office. No problem? Dr. Melba also helps her clients (individual or groups) remotely via videoteleconference. 

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