Some of our shortest Reviews!

By M.T.

 "Dr. Melba Stetz is nothing short of brilliant! Her Brain Training Biofeedback coupled with her 30 plus years of experience helped me with focus, sleep and concentration. I highly recommend Dr. Stetz to help you reach your full potential!" 

By E.C.

  "I highly recommend Dr. Melba. The work that she does is so valuable and can help on many levels. She was able to bring to my attention a few issues which I wasn't even consciously aware of. If you are looking for break through to succeed on a high level, call her. Melba's passion for this work, integrity, and caring nature set her apart!"  

By B.C.

"I do a lot of self-reflection and needed to step it up a few notches with a trained professional. Hence Dr. Stetz is that step up. With her expertise and her diverse background it is a step in right direction. She is not a cookie cutter therapist, but customizes sessions according to each clients specific situation in a real world practical application."

By M.S.

  Dr. Stetz is nothing short of brilliant!  Her methods have helped me to reach much higher toward my goal of full potential. She has been instrumental in helping me move beyond hurdles that were holding me back.  I have increased focus, clarity, and purpose.  I HIGHLY recommend her!  

By B.M.

 Dr. Melba cares about you.  As a colleague of mine since 2010 at Tripler Army Medical Center she served mightily and fought strongly for the rights and health of our soldiers and their families.  In her private practice Melba leaves no doubt that she will find the right cure for the right person. Her passion expanded even as she fought successfully to shun breast cancers threat on her creativity. Dr. Stetz can be trusted to be your ally in your struggles, and remain your neighbor and friend throughout your recovery. 

By E.M.

  Dr. Stetz is great peak performance psychologist and coach.  I do recommend working with Dr. Stetz if you have a block in any area of your life and want to move forward. She is passionate about helping others in reaching their goals to feel their best self.  I am a Nutritional coach and I help others revert their condition with nutrition and lifestyle changes. However, there is people who know they have to change but their brains don't really want to change. Dr. Melba Stetz helps them by eliminating the block and decreasing the anxiety of making a change. So they can be ready to move forward changing their diet. My boyfriend and I had a couple counseling with her. We never thought we had a problem as a couple, but Dr. Stetz was able to release a lot of little things that were holding our relationship back so we could start working on it and move forward in life. Thank Dr. Stetz!