Some of our Reviews!

Linda H.

 Dr. Melba Stetz is the person for you if you sincerely want to make positive changes in your life.  She is passionate about supporting people in reaching their goals. Dr. Melba is educated, highly trained in her field,  and has a  list of incredible accomplishments. She is as humble as she is skilled.  Dr. Melba is easy to speak with and immediately sets a person at ease. She is direct, honest, and intuitive.  My session with her helped me realize how much I need to rest in order to be as productive as I want. I am pleased to share this review.  I recommend that you contact her now.  Do not hesitate. 

Johnny Q.

 Dr Melba Stetz is amazing.  I knew I had focus issues.  It has always been a problem.  Melba explained what was going on, and we are working on getting my brain performing at its' peak.  The games are really cool and challenging at the same time.  I never heard of biofeedback but if it works for me at age 41, Im sure it could help kids that have minor to sever ADHD issues as well.  

Besides the actual service, Dr. Stetz as a person cares for people.  She gives of herself above and beyond the minor monetary cost. She truly wants to help, and that is priceless.  I have a feeling if she didn't think she was helping people, she wouldn't do it.  

Give her a shot if you suffer from ADHD.  Anything is better than meds! 

Pat R.

 I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Melba through a mutual friend and she really changed my entire attitude and focus simply by showing me how my brain reacts when I change my attitude and focus on the right things.

Excited to go back for more brain fitness training !

Thanks again Melba ! 

Elena M.

 Dr. Stetz is great peak performance psychologist and coach.  I do recommend working with Dr. Stetz if you have a block in any area of your life and want to move forward. She is passionate about helping others in reaching their goals to feel their best self.
I am a Nutritional coach and I help others revert their condition with nutrition and lifestyle changes. However, there is people who know they have to change but their brains don't really want to change. Dr. Melba Stetz helps them by eliminating the block and decreasing the anxiety of making a change. So they can be ready to move forward changing their diet.
My boyfriend and I had a couple counseling with her. We never thought we had a problem as a couple, but Dr. Stetz was able to release a lot of little things that were holding our relationship back so we could start working on it and move forward in life. Thank Dr. Stetz! 

Barbara M.

 Dr. Melba cares about you.  As a colleague of mine since 2010 at Tripler Army Medical Center she served mightily and fought strongly for the rights and health of our soldiers and their families.  In her private practice Melba leaves no doubt that she will find the right cure for the right person. Her passion expanded even as she fought successfully to shun breast cancers threat on her creativity. Dr. Stetz can be trusted to be your ally in your struggles, and remain your neighbor and friend throughout your recovery.

Erin C.

I highly recommend Dr. Melba. The work that she does is so valuable and can help on many levels. She was able to bring to my attention a few issues which I wasn't even consciously aware of. If you are looking for break through to succeed on a high level, call her. Melba's passion for this work, integrity, and caring nature set her apart.

Kulla A.

I researched for a counselor, I came upon Melba Stetz.  She invited me to her office that same day and said she would see what she can do for my needs.  She explained to me about her background and focus with bio feedback.  We did a consult and the next visit decided to try mind mapping.  A cap is applied,  with electrodes on your head that give feedback.  The information can be read on the computer database. This gives a broad spectrum of information that you can build from.   I don't want to spoil the details but it is helpful and exciting.  Many of us need to discover where common issues like depression and other symtoms occur in the mapping of our brain.  This is insightful for pretty much every one all walks of life.  I highly recommend looking further into what Melba Stetz can do to assist you.   I love talking with Melba, she is energetic, passionate about helping patients in areas of Neuro science, and works with Castle Hospital and perhaps others in there Neuro Sciences.

Brett S.

Dr. Stetz performs an amazing service! Using bio-feedback has helped me tremendously with my focus and contributed greatly to the many successes that I have enjoyed lately. Thank you Dr. Stetz!

Cheryl M.

Dr. Stetz is warm and welcoming when you are in session with her for your brain training.  She goes the extra mile to help you overcome anxiety.

Richard C.

Dr. Melba Stetz is remarkable to a point that words can't be expressed. She will safeguard the clients' interests first, instead of money first. It is a very rare personal value which is hard to find from a professional these days. Please see her and find out more by yourself, you will not regret, I sincerely assure you that. Mahalo!

Susan S.

The more I am around Melba, the more I am inspired by how she works and how she lives.  What an incredible woman/educator!  You will be thrilled by your results if you want more in life!

James D.

Dr. Stetz is truly gifted in her work and has helped me greatly to improve my mental focus in career and everyday life. Thank you!

Robert T.

If you have no idea what Biofeedback is, you TRULY owe it to yourself to visit Dr. Melba Stetz, and discover what it can do for you.
In a private, very relaxed setting, you will discover things that your brain can do WITHOUT drugs.
The process is pain free and amazng, with results you can see in front of your eyes.  
I strongly recommend all patients of all ages, try this miraculous procedure, and see results for yourself.

Lyntillus B.

Dearest friends and family of the World. Let me do my best to keep this brief. I've had the pleasure of working in the field of behavioral sciences for the past 31 years. This new and amazing approach is not only wonderful, but the ease of the delivery, through the respected sincereness of Dr. Stetz, makes for the absolute best outcome for your health, guarenteed.

Jenn C.

Dr. Melba Stetz is a joy to work with! Aside from being extremely intelligent, Dr. Melba is caring, charismatic, and hilariously funny. She and I worked together on Peak Performance brain wave scanning and biofeedback. Her office was tucked away in a private and comfortable setting that allowed me to feel relaxed while we worked together. During our session, Dr Melba clearly explained what each test indicated and I learned more about my own brain functionality. Dr Melba also provided me with techniques to become more focused to function at a higher level in my daily activities. I would recommend Dr. Melba to any one who is looking to work at their peak performance and learn more about their brain functioning. 

Thank You Dr Melba!

Josh H.

Dr. Melba is very unique in the type of biofeedback she performs.  She's half work counselor and half biofeedback clinician.  She really cares about the health and improvement of her clients and is very passionate about her work.

I'd highly recommend that you contact her and see if her treatment can help you.

Mark S.

Dr. Stetz is nothing short of brilliant!  Her methods have helped me to reach much higher toward my goal of full potential. She has been instrumental in helping me move beyond hurdles that were holding me back.  I have increased focus, clarity, and purpose.  I HIGHLY recommend her!

Maryia N.

Dr. Melba is amazing! She is very carrying and attentive. She helps you get back on track and motivates you to move forward with your dreams.
I highly recommend her!

Susan M.

Melba saved my life.I had a tramatic brain injury and a servere sleep disorder.This will never go away.Her skill's and patience helped me train my brain to sleep,focus,and not be so hard on myself when i forget thing.She was a very cost effective Bio feedback Doctor that has trained me to work through my anxiety,post tramatic stress disorder.Im very grateful to have found Doctor Stetz.It is worth your time to have a consult with her.All we have is time,so use it wisely.Better BRAIN better life.

Chelsea S.

 I have known Dr. Stetz for many years. She is a brilliant psychologist as well as bio/neurofeedback provider. She understands the brain and how it can work both for and against our potential. She is honest and will give you feedback and tools to help whatever your challenges might be. I highly recommend Dr. Stetz for treating ADHD, anxiety, or for peak performance. 

El O.

Passionate, compassionate, knowledgeable, and really tuned into her clients' well-being! Received my first neurofeedback assessment from Dr. Melba Stetz who made sure that I felt comfortable before starting the session. She took care to explain in non-technical terms what the testing would entail and provided helpful feedback throughout the session. I can see that neurofeedback therapy will be very helpful and I'm really glad I had the opportunity to meet with Dr. Melba. :)

Ben M.

 I am happy to have Dr Stetz work on me with some intro bio and neuro feedback.  In just one session she gave me some things to think about and work on.  The lady is very sweet and skilled.  Qualifications? She's probably over qualified to do what she's doing. Board certifications litter her wall, and she has more degrees than a protractor.  

Look past the degrees and education, she's kind hearted, knows her stuff and really wants to help. That's what it boils down to.. she cares about helping. PERIOD.  

Can't wait to improve and excel.  Thank you Melba 

Glenn C.

Working with Dr. Stetz has been a wonderful and enlightening experience.  Her energy and applications are contagious, making you feel that solutions are within your grasps if one can think and apply the positive vibes that we all have.  Her simple but yet effective suggestions has opened the way I think and it allows me be to be more receptive to understanding a situation rather than being reactionary.  Dr. Stetz is truly good at what she does, very knowledgeable and also very sincere in wanting to help you.     Check her out.........Glenn C


Outstanding!!! I had been looking for neurofeedback in Hawai'i for a while was lucky to find Dr. Melba Stetz.   Her work has helped me with peak performance and getting in the zone.  It is amazing and wondrous.  Definitely check it out.

Dr. Chris E.

 Dr. Stetz is great at what she does.  She's very professional and extremely passionate about helping her clients get better.  Dr. Stetz takes the time to listen to her clients.  She easily explains the process of bio and neurofeedback and how it can dramatically make a difference in their lives.  Dr. Stetz customizes treatment to the specific needs and goals of her clients.  She also utilizes cutting-edge technology.  If you want to see positive results then go see Dr. Stetz.  You won't be disappointed!

Michael G.

Dr. Stets is amazing!  

She is personable and will cut to tgw chase and give you hibes answers to your issues

Angel B.

Melba Stetz is an amazing doctor that has helped me through my MVA ACCIDENT. She has been more than I expected ok every level and improved my brain through training and encouragement.

Jo R.

I've been seeing Dr. Melba for couple months.  After a few sessions of brain training, I definitely noticed how much more focused I am. If you want to feel more motivated and focused or simply feel your best, I highly recommend her. She's so easy to talk to. She listens and gives great advice.

Michael G.

DR Melba
dr melba is wonderful in what she does.the neurofeed back is amazing.she can help any one..adha.add.stress -any thing with the brain waves she can explain .she is the best. easy to talk to..and the feed back is amazing....much much mahalos Dr,Melba,

Tammy T.

Dr. Melba Stetz not only trains your mind.... but she works with the whole being.  The skills taught to you in conjunction with her biofeedback and neurofeedback training is not just empowering but life changing.

Ryan N.

Dr. Melba Stetz is a former army psychologists that prioritizes the wellbeing of all of her patients. She works hard to make sure all of her sessions are done in a timely manner. If not, she is most likely giving extra time to a previous session to make sure that patient has knowledge of the resources available to him/her. I've seen patients struggling with addiction and psychiatric disorders turn their situations around after taking a number of sessions with her. If you know someone struggling with depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, or similar illnesses, I highly encourage you to give her a try. I guarantee she will be able to help you.

Gregory M.

Dr. Stetz is one of the most empathetic psychologists I have had the honor to meet. She brings decades of experience to her practice and goes out of her way to be of service to her clients, her students, and to her community! When I think of the most knowledgeable, compassionate, and ethical practitioners in the state and across the continental US, Dr Stetz is easily in the top 5 of all I have ever encountered. She offers the first consultation free, which is VERY rare in these times and shows a measure of compassion that goes beyond what most people will see in this discipline.

Offering services in neurofeedback and biofeedback from the individual to the large corporation, Dr. Stetz is able to identify and treat psychological and neuropsychological difficulties in such a way that treatment can bring about very lasting results from an evidence based position using the most current techniques and technology. These, coupled with her sensitivity and empathy, serve to bring her clients, students, and colleagues to a place of lasting comfort and understanding.

I highly recommend Dr. Stetz to anyone seeking relief, education, and and/or I/O (business) consultation services.

Beckie K.

Or daughter has been seeing Dr. Stetz for brain training . She is high functioning autistic and is receiving great benefit from the sessions.  She is working on improving focus and reducing anxiety. Dr. Stetz is both nurturing and challenging. She has a great relationship with our daughter.

Michelle R.

Dr Stetz has been working with my family for years. The brain training she does is so effective that the change in my two children is nothing short of amazing.  The neurofeedback (NFB)coupled with the counseling and also parenting tips reinforcing the training my daughters receive really has been the magic solution our family was looking for.  After years of talk therapy alone, I can see how much more effective neurofeedback training is and Dr Stetz is highly skilled in both NFB and psychology.  I cannot recommend Dr Stetz highly enough, She is a truly an asset to the field, a professional in every way and a Godsend to our family.  If you are wanting to make a change in your life, or your loved ones life, she can help.